Nobhill Medical Center Crossword Puzzle

crossword answers

2 Get plenty of —–.
4 Prevention is better than a —-.
5 You can —– up the exercise into 10-minutes of activity 3 times a day.
8 Aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming, and bicycling can help you control your ——- level.
11 Eating well isn’t just important for our bodies, but it’s also important for our —–.
12 Telemedicine is ——, electronic communication and information exchange.
13 Clean and ——— ‘high-touch’ surfaces
14 People with ——– are more likely to have dental problems and gum disease.
15 All people with diabetes should eat a ——- diet that is low in sugar.

1 Wash your hands often with —- and water for at least 20 seconds.
2 Cover coughs and ——-.
3 Try to make time for doing the — things you enjoy.
6 Allows you to talk to your provider in a secure way by audio and video technology.
7 Wear a cloth face cover in ——.
9 Avoid touching your eyes, —-, and mouth.
10 Avoid contact with people who are —-.